Bob's Motor Workshop Established 1973                                                                Milford, MA


   Robert (Bob) Verne Bonnell initially started the business working on import vehicles, VW, Nissans, Fiats and Mazda�s. He would also take the problem vehicles no one else wanted, thus creating himself a �nitch� market in Milford area.

   The business through years eventually started repairing all makes and models of vehicles as their education and expertise increased. This education was helped along by the Chevrolet dealership in Milford at the time, Scott-Ahearn Chevrolet. They maintained a fleet of 15, 1981 Chevrolet Cavaliers for one of their customers, and they started having substantial computer problems with these cars, which their technicians were not able to fix. They knew the reputation that Bob's Motor Workshop had for working on the difficult repairs and started shipping them to us. This was how Michael, Bob's son, started his training on repairing computer and computer related issues in automobiles. 1981 was the first on-board diagnostic system that GM used for engine control and it was very problematic, also known as OBD, (On Board Diagnostics), it was a nightmare. Those cars were successfully repaired at Bob�s Motor Workshop.

   Through the years Bob's Motor Workshop has been able to foresee the changes in the automobile industry and tool up for the changes before they became mandatory. They were doing automotive refrigerant recycling with both R12 and R134a BEFORE it was mandated. They were doing Antifreeze capture and recycling and disposal BEFORE it was considered hazardous waste. They were doing the draining of oil filters and recycling waste oil BEFORE it was required. When the state required the automotive technicians to be ASE certified BEFORE they would authorize them to do emission repairs, Michael already held a Masters Certificate with an Advanced Performance Level Certification (L1) required by the state to do them.

    Michael Bonnell now owns and operates Bob's Motor Workshop and is currently undergoing re-certifications to make him a triple Master ASE Technician.

    He has continued to look forward into the future, looking for schooling and techniques that will keep him competitive for the next evolution of the automobile. In so doing, he has already tooled and schooled up and has a Masters Certification for this next evolution, Hybrids and Electrics cars. WE also have the capability to update your vehicles computers via Manufacturers web sites to make sure your car is operating at its peak efficiency.

     If you would like to talk cars or make a scheduling, we are located at 49 East Main Street (Route 16) in Milford, and can be reached by Phone at 508-473-8383 or by email at bobsmo@dfront.net.We are an avid participant of FACE BOOK -  You can interact and get to know MIKE  here., Or you can become fan of the FACE BOOK page here

     Thanks for stopping by and learning about us and we look forward to helping you with your  automotive needs.

     Michael Bonnell